About Me

Hi, friends! My name is Julia.

I love chardonnay and cooking without recipes. When I was little I would pretend I was a Food Network chef in the bathtub and make bubble food for my bath toy audience. I’m passionate about freedom and living from an abundant soul. I believe in a life of wholeness – for the soul, spirit and body!

Last year I graduated with my B.S. in Foods and Nutrition. I’m dairy free & lactose intolerant. My husband is gluten sensitive. I’ve tried paleo, Whole 30, and the candida cleanse. I’ve dabbled in the Mediterranean Diet and I was even vegan (for like a day – I’m just really not cut out for that kind of commitment). I’ve counted calories and I’ve eaten intuitively. I’ve juiced, I’ve squeezed, I’ve baked, and I’ve blended.

I’m now a firm believer in balance and food freedom. I get to spend my days teaching others about food freedom as the Nutrition Manager at a residential recovery home.

I’m an INFP & Type 6 on the Enneagram. I feel deeply, I think deeply, and I care deeply. I’m always pursuing greater intimacy and healing and I tend to doubt myself way too much.

I have an amazing husband named Eric and a crazy red headed puppy child named Sullivan.

Join me on the journey & let’s embrace The Good Life.



(Check out this post about the name “The Good Life Blog” and why I started this adventure.)

You can follow my adventures on Instagram @MrsGriffinNutrition