(FREE) Printable Weight Loss Affirmation Cards

Hi friends!

I wanted to give you a Christmas gift! I created this free printable resource for all of you on your health and wellness journey.

Whether you are trying to lose weight, live a healthier life, change your eating habits, or overcome an eating disorder – these powerful affirmations are for you! 

It is so important that we keep inspiring truths in front of us. No matter your journey, these will help to keep you focused, inspired, and motivated.

Download them, print them out, cut them out, and post them around!

You will notice that the first two cards say, “My Why”. This is where you can write your personal motivators. Think about your deepest, truest reasons for continuing your health journey.

Research shows that the only way to see successful progress in our lives and accomplish our goals is to have a powerful, personal “why”.

That beach vacation coming up?  The desire to love yourself? To be healthy for your kids? These are all powerful reasons that encourage us to achieve our goals.

Happy New Years sweet friends!


>>>> Weight and Body Affirmations <<<<<


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