Wine Night & Double Black Zinfandel Review

I am currently bursting with all the sweet, warm, happy feels. Last night I hosted a wine tasting night at the house and it was SO fun! I’m also SO glad that I managed to snap some photos as guests were walking in the door.

Everyone brought a bottle (or two) of vino, and we lined them up like the wine Olympics. We sipped and rated and argued and laughed. The best part was that I made homemade appetizers and small plates to pair with the different wines.

Marinated olives, steak toasties and caramel corn OH MY!


There were so many good wines. I loved going down the line and tasting all the different notes. We had spicy zins, earthy cabs, fruity red blends, and my favorite buttery chardonnay.

The friends were sweet, the conversation was oddly centered around our views on polygamy (LOL), and everyone was able to leave the stress of the week at the door and enter in to warmth and laughter.

I highly recommend hosting your own wine tasting night with a few friends or loved ones. It’s a great way to make everyone feel involved and excited to share.

If you squint really hard you can see the wine lineup behind us. There were EIGHT!

One of the favorites of the night was Paso Robles Double Black Zinfandel. It surprised me. Eric and I usually stay away from Zins as we don’t like the spicy, peppery undertones. When I poured this and took a sip, I thought it was a Cabernet. Dark fruit and chocolate overwhelm your palate and there is no trace of overwhelming pepper or tannin.



Smell: Dried berries, jam, slight pepper

Flavor: Jammy, blackberry, chocolate, oaky

Pairings: Beef, dark chocolate, pepperoni pizza, cranberry stuffing, Parmesan

RATING: 8.5/10


Be on the lookout!

I’ll do an upcoming post with recipes for the delicious steak toasties and (lightened up) mini twice baked potato skins.

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