Meditative Truths

Hi sweet friends.

I owe you an apology.

I’ve been absent for a hot minute! I started a brand new job and it threw off my typical blogging routine! So I’m bringing it back with a bang! One of my most favorite, most treasured habits:

Meditative truths.

“What the f*** is a meditative truth?” you ask? Let me tell you.

Last December I started going into my heart where Love is and finding the safe and abundant place within. I start by simply breathing. The Spirit is on the breath and some translations of the Bible even say that the spirit IS THE breath. So when you want to connect with Love, just start by breathing deep and slowly.

Once my brain is finally out of fight or flight mode I can put aside the busyness of life and listen more clearly.

A lot of the time, I hear a little phrase pop into my spirit, or some kind of encouragement or mantra that spoke to what was going on in my life at that time. It would be something that I could carry with me and meditate on for the rest of the day or even the rest of the month.


I didn’t want to lose track of all of these little gems, so I started a note in my phone called “Meditative Truths”. Every time I get a “nugget”, I write it down. This makes it easier to remember but also gives me a beautiful list of personalized and powerful truths to pull from if I feel frazzled and overwhelmed, and need a reminder of what is true.

I wanted to put together a few of my favorites here, to get you guys started if you need some inspiration. I would recommend picking one or two that stand out to you and starting your own list. Find a quiet place to sit and be still for a few minutes. Concentrate on breathing deeply and slowly for at least one minute and then repeat whatever phrase or word feels empowering for you in that moment.

Here are some of my deepest, most heart changing, life centering truths:


  1. I am resilient.

  2. All of me belongs. I accept all of you, self.

  3. I don’t have to have it all figured out.

  4. I am full. I am in abundance.

  5. I love you, self.

  6. Breathe in connection, breathe out disconnection.

  7. I am safe in the world and I am safe inside of myself.

  8. I am not separate from love.

  9. I accept you right where you are. I am with you.


These phrases may seem odd or even insignificant but friend…if you can get these deep into your mind, your heart, your soul – you will truly live in abundance.

Don’t be surprised if when you start, it doesn’t feel true. The reason that I do this and spend time with these truths is because I want them to feel more true, and they don’t. We create worlds with our words and our beliefs shape our whole life.

Take a few minutes with yourself. What are some of your favorite truths?

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