Noble Vines 667 Pinot Noir Review

I’m sitting here on our extra cozy sofa at approximately 5:43 PM on a Friday night while my husband is grilling monstrous steaks over coals out back. The smoke is wafting into the house and my pup is chewing a bone (loudly) by my feet. It’s finally starting to cool down from the consistent 100+ degree CA days, and there’s a miraculous breeze making my fingers nice and chilly.

Sweet life. These are the nights that I love to open a bottle of wine and just take it all in. All the love. All the vibes. All the food. All the Friday.

667 pinot noir
Obligatory Tasting Photo

I have a beautiful friend named Serenity who first told me about Pinots when I was a red wine virgin who excelled at drinking large amounts of white wine. I reluctantly tried some and was instantly smitten. The bright ruby red color, the fruity flavor and smooth finish. I’m a fan.

Pinot Noir is amazing for a new-to-red-wine-drinker. It’s the lightest of the reds and isn’t too bold or overpowering. When you hold the glass up to a light, you can see through it. With the bolder reds like Cabernet and Malbec, you would’t be able to see through them. They’re inky and delicious in a deeper, darker way.

667 pinot noir2

I picked this up as a tester Pinot. I hadn’t had the brand before, but the inexpensive price made it a good tester. It surprised me with its full bodied fruitiness and smooth finish. I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves good wine but is on a budget. It doesn’t have that dusty, rubbing alcohol taste that some cheaper wines have. It is full bodied and intense without sitting on your tongue and being too “chewy”.

Ummm and when I was looking into this wine, it said that i is in the top 8% of all wine. For like $10. Yes.


Smell: Dried cherry, strawberry

Flavor: Light tannin, earthy, savory

Pairings: Poultry, beef, spaghetti with meat sauce (my personal fav)

RATING: 7/10



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