Bogle Vineyards Petit Sirah Review

This wine is good, it’s just not what I was expecting.


My favorite Petit Sirah is the Runquist Petit Sirah which is really jammy, sooo I was hoping/expecting this would be similar! Instead, the first sips reminded me of a wine that my husband would love…deep, dark, tobacco notes with a dry finish. It’s definitely a heavy hitter. It’s like wine for cowboys. Or cigars.

I think my mistake was pouring a glass while I watched Bachelor in Paradise. This isn’t a great sipping wine HA, it definitely needs some kind of heavy food flavor to balance it out.

Altogether, it is a great quality for the price, but it needs a little tempering. Once I opened it up and let it sit for an hour, the intense “bite” lessened and the berry notes came forward.


Smell: Dried fruit, chocolate, light spice

Flavor: Heavy, dry, tobacco, peppery, berry finish

Pairings: Beef, heavy herbed dishes, Asian dishes, BBQ, chili cheese fries

RATING: 6/10




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