Easy DIY Chalk Paint Mirror

I’m obsessed with mirrors. I would be that weirdo in the 80’s with mirrors covering my entire house. They’re just so pretty and reflect so much light, not to mention they make the room look way more spacious.


I bought this mirror at Marshall’s for around $40. And for a mirror with a border that’s decently sized, that’s a steal! The white framing looked way too white washed for our already light-walled living room so I decided to DIY that mother.

To make it pop and give the space some depth, I chose a dark gray chalk paint. It turned out beautifully and it was way easier than I thought.

The whole project with mirror and supplies only ended up costing about $55 and totally revamped the space!







  • Framed mirror
  • 1 bottle Krylon Chalky Finish Paint in Anvil Gray
  • Newspaper or brown painter’s paper (I bought my roll at Sherwin Williams)
  • 1 roll of blue painter’s tape



Here’s how I did it:

  • Lay your mirror on a flat surface. Place the newspaper or painter’s paper on the mirror’s surface, leaving a 1/4″ of mirror between the paper and the frame.
  • Carefully start taping the mirror and the paper, sticking very closely to the mirror frame and covering all of the exposed mirror. This works better with small strips of tape.


  • Repeat until the mirror is fully covered and all exposed edges are taped. Make sure that you also tape the separate pieces of paper together so that when you are spray painting, paint will not get between them and onto the mirror.

mirror 3

  • Make sure you have something to cover the ground before spray painting.
  • Spray frame in even strokes until fully covered. Let dry 10 minutes.


  • Spray frame for a second coat. Let dry at least 1 hour before removing paper or hanging.


AND THAT’S IT! Such a fun and easy project to chic-up any space. Not to mention the candle holders and plant pots that I also chalk painted. Don’t say that I didn’t warn you. The chalk paint will take over your soul.

You’re welcome!


I also realized when I hung up my mirror that there were a few places where the tape wasn’t perfect, and spray paint got onto the actual mirror. It’s really easy to get off with a paper towel, some Clorox, and a little elbow grease! So don’t worry if the paint job isn’t perfect!





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