Hess Select Chardonnay Review (Under $10)


Hess Select Chardonnay is the bottle that I got for when I want a smooth, bright white wine that tastes more expensive than it actually is. For under $10, you get a pretty balanced chardonnay that’s not too dry or overly buttery.

This is a great any night type of sipper. I was finishing up the bottle from earlier in the week and cooking some spaghetti. Literally nothing better than an ice cold white in one hand and spatula in the other.

This is the perfect date night or Bachelorette binge watching wine! This is also a great “starter chardonnay” for those of you who are more into Pinot Grigio or Sauv Blancs since it is bright and not overly buttery.


Chardonnays come in two camps: 1. Oaky and 2. Buttery. This has to do with the way they ferment the wine and what types of barrels are used. Traditional Californian chardonnays are typically heavier on the butter than the oak, although manufacturers are moving away from the “movie theatre butter” type chardonnays towards more oaky undertones.

Smell: Light and crisp, citrus, slight minerality
Flavor: Fruity, oaky, very light butter
Pairings: Poultry, vegetable dishes, salads, fish

RATING: 7/10


What camp are you in?! Oak or butter?

For me, the more butter the better! Eric loves brighter, heavily oaked chards.


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