To Chardonnay or Not to Chardonnay


I’m no expert but I can confidently say that shit is delicious.

Recently I was making a list of things that I like. On the list was food, wine, eating, and drinking…among others. I heard on a Tony Robbins podcast recently that our desires and the things that we like are actually holy and purposeful. WHAT. How can my love of good food, good wine, and fellowship be “holy”? The word desire itself means “of the father”. When we have things in our hearts that we love and enjoy, they are usually there for a reason or a purpose.

I have been reserved about my enjoyment of wine after working in a ministry position and being called out for revealing to others that I drank. Was I getting drunk? Nope (at least not purposely – but that’s a story for another day). And honestly who likes being drunk and sloppy? Was I promoting drinking? Not directly. Was I *gasp* in sin and causing others to sin? I’m going to go out on a limb with this one and say no. There’s something called self-control, where you control yourself. This means that I can’t make you feel a certain way or force you to do something that you weren’t already planning on doing.

There’s this weird phenomenon that happens sometimes with religion: shame. It’s the thing that creeps in and tells you that you need to change, to be better, to be different. It’s the voice that says you aren’t doing it right and you need to hide who you really are for fear of being exposed or shamed further. It’s constantly waiting to be punished for not meeting expectations.

Shame sucks.

So, here I am saying that I love wine, and I’m a responsible Christian adult.

I am also here to say that I’m really excited to start a new section on my blog called Wine Guide: The Average Girl’s Guide to Wine.

Are you so excited? I’m going to share opinions, try new wines, probably drink some regrettable ones, and learn more with you along the way. I’m not starting this because I’m an expert and I think that makes it even better. I actually don’t even know all the different varietals of wine. But I do have a good palette, a passion for food & wine, and a degree in food science.

I’ve listened to podcasts made by professional wine makers and soaked in all the knowledge from tasting room pros butttttt sometimes you just want your best friend’s unedited opinion, you know?

If Jesus’ first miracle on Earth was to make wine, then that’s good enough reason for me to enjoy it.


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