The Duck Effect

There was a small pond down the street from my house growing up and I would always watch the ducks waddle around with their babies and then magically glide straight into the water, barely making a splash.

The best part was that their feathers never seemed to get wet. Ducks have a special gland positioned near their tails, called the preen gland. This gland produces an oil, which ducks rub over their feathers with their beaks to maintain their waterproof effect. This oil creates a protective barrier that stops their feathers from becoming waterlogged.

One day I was driving home from a hard day at work, and I felt completely covered in “junk”. I was tired, overwhelmed, and I felt a little defiled from some of the things that I had heard and experienced lately.


I immediately saw a picture from the Lord of me as a duck, floating in a pond. I could see the water and junk just rolling right off of me, down my back. Nothing was sticking. I could hear him say, “You are covered and protected by my anointing (aka spirit).” I started to breathe in deeply, letting the day roll right off of me.

He then said, “You are floating, protected, in the waters of my love.” Suddenly, peace filled my bones. I could see myself completely surrounded by peace and safety. I could dance, I could swim, I could sing, I could rest. I could simply breathe in love and exhale fear. How could anything harm or distress me when I’m covered by him and floating safely in him?

We are safe. We are abiding in perfect love. We are covered in heaven and  completely safe from harm. Whether it’s something big or just the daily junk of life, simply breathe in and let it slide off.

You are a duck, covered by God, swimming in his ocean of love.


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