Why Jesus Wasn’t Perfect – And You Should’t Be Either

I was listening to one of my favorite teachers talk about learning and growing along our spiritual walk.

“Do you think Jesus just stood up as a baby and never fell? No! He had to LEARN to walk.”

My mind was blown.

Jesus fell when he was learning to walk. He probably made an imperfect table as he was learning to be a carpenter. Maybe he took the wrong road as he traveled with his disciples from city to city.

Did this mean that he was sinful? No. The word is clear that he was the perfectly sinless lamb of God. But he was fully God and fully man. He was fully human. Our problem is that we think “perfect” is synonymous with “sinless”. Working in a recovery home, I have seen so many young women who all have the same core struggle – perfectionism. They have shamed and abandoned their humanity in search of their holiness.

We all do this. We think that to be perfect, we have to flog our imperfections and missteps in order to be flawless (note: I’m not talking about sin here, such as cheating on a spouse or lying to your boss). There’s a lot that is wrong with this theory, one being that under a new covenant, it isn’t our job to achieve righteousness, it is our job to receive righteousness, and be empowered to live well. The other being that perfection isn’t required.

We are allowed to be human.

Take a deep breath and drink that statement in. How does it make you feel? Relieved? Offended? Confused?

Jesus was fully human, and although he lived a beautifully sinless life, he was not perfect. He was human. Which means he is really okay with our humanity, too. Not just that, but he actually likes us the way we are.

He probably spilled food on himself. He probably had stinky feet. He probably slept in. He got into arguments. He had panic attacks. He got angry and aggressive. He lost track of time.

And yet, he was fully the son of God.

You are a child of God, fully loved and accepted for all that you are.

And you don’t need to be perfect.




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