The Search for Significance

I love the stillness that comes with meditation.

As a Christian, I remember when I thought meditation was bad or evil. A word that better describes this process is “mindfulness”. We walk through life shut down to the reality of our own hearts and minds, always looking outward for encouragement or clarity. There is power in the ability to sit and be mindful. During these times, I get to talk openly with the Lord and shine a light into my inner self, revealing the Love and revelation that’s always been in there.








This morning I was meditating and getting into my heart when I saw an emotion, sitting on my inner world like a heavy blanket: insignificant.

This fear has cropped up throughout my life, as I think it has for most of us. Lately though, it has been yelling – not whispering – to my heart.

The fear of insignificance. If I lose my job, am I still valuable? If I don’t have enough followers, do I matter? If I’m not changing the world and leading revivals, does God take away a golden star?







I suddenly could see myself in a river, surrounded by throngs of people, shoulder to shoulder. We were all striving and fighting and pushing each other out of the way. I saw myself being pushed under the water, unseen, struggling to breathe…overtaken by insignificance. I cried out, “Lord, help!”

I saw Jesus immediately snap his fingers. All the people vanished. It was now just me, floating in a beautifully calm river. He looked down and said, “When you stop comparing, there is no place for insignificance.”

Hashtag mind blown.

Insignificance can only exist in a multitude.

Insignificance can only exist in comparison.

Insignificance can only exist in our own minds.


The definition of significant is “having meaning, influence, or effect”.

We are each born with inherent meaning: we are loved, adored, full of light and purpose. We are also placed in a sphere of influence. Whether it’s your kids, your coworkers, your spouse, your friends…we all get the power of effecting all of those people (negatively or positively) and ourselves.

Therefore, we all have significance. Because we were born with meaning, thought of and created intricately, and then placed into a sphere of influence – you are significant. Your gifts are significant. The way that you love heavy metal and green tea lattes is significant. The way you treat yourself and others is significant. All of a sudden, everything that you do is significant because you are significant.

Our significance does not depend on others; it doesn’t change with the job that you have or car that you drive; it cannot be earned. Take a deep breath today and say to yourself, “I am significant. I am valuable. I will never be insignificant. I never need to fight to be seen or earn my worth.”

Love you, friends.

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