My Gluten Free Journey + 3 Ingredient GF Sweet Potato Gnocchi


Eric and I have been fully gluten free and dairy free for about a month. It was definitely hard at first, but there are so many amazing GF/DF options that we actually don’t miss it! Pizza? Got it! Bread? Yup! Cereal and convenience foods? There’s a ton!

I have been dairy free for a few years after finding out that I was lactose intolerant. Avoiding dairy makes me feel so much better and my whole system feels like it is operating properly. When I slip up and have dairy, not only do I have the GI symptoms, but I get systemic inflammation as well. My joints will hurt, I will start getting seasonal allergies, and my stomach bloats like I’m 5 months pregnant.

I thought that I could eat gluten and be perfectly fine, and I would rub it in a little bit to my husband who is gluten intolerant. All of the symptoms from above that I get from eating dairy, he gets from eating gluten (what a pair we are LOL).

But then I started researching gluten intolerance symptoms (for him) and slowly started realizing that my body was rejecting it all along (NOOOOO!) I come from a long line of bread eaters. And when I say bread eaters, I mean eat-a-loaf-as-a-meal-type of bread eaters.

I have had a rash on my ring finger every time I would wear my wedding ring. I never thought it could be caused by gluten, but there is a rash that is only caused by gluten and my finger looked exactly like all of the pictures. And guess what? When I cut it out, I could wear my ring again for the first time in over a year without getting a rash.

I was also having incessant muscle spasms all over my body, all the time. This had been happening for about 2 years. When I was stressed or sick it would get even worse. On a “good day” I would have a twitch every few minutes in different muscles all over my body. They would jump around and never stayed in the same place. It was so weird! I tried everything to get rid of them. After I got past the fear that I was dying of some strange disease, I did everything I could to get them to stop. I went to a neurologist. I would take excessive amounts of magnesium and calcium, muscle relaxers, and I would stay hydrated. Nothing stopped them.

When I tried cutting out gluten, I was mainly hoping that it would get rid of the rash on my ring finger. What I didn’t expect was for the muscle twitches to stop. I was so surprised and thrown off when about a week into my experiment, I was sitting at work and I realized none of my muscles were spasming. ARE YOU KIDDING.

These f*$%ing muscle twitches were because of gluten. GLUTEN.

And since cutting it out, the muscle twitching hasn’t come back. Come to find out that gluten can cause muscular issues for those who are sensitive to it.

You know the craziest thing about the gluten saga in the U.S. from a nutritionists standpoint? “Gluten intolerance” seems to be mainly an American thing. I have heard stories about people with gluten intolerance and celiac disease who pay $20 on Amazon for Italian flour and then they make items like bread and pizza dough and cookies and they can eat it AND THEY’RE FINE! WHAT!

This goes to show that all of us Americans might not actually be allergic to gluten, but to the fertilizers and pesticides that come with our gluten. Companies like Monsanto are spraying their pesticides on whatever they can, even though their product contains known and dangerous carcinogens. The fact that we are reacting at an alarming rate to “gluten” (as well as the massive increase in food allergies in general) is not surprising.

All that to say, hubs and I are now gluten free.

And since I didn’t want to buy $20 Italian flour, I decided to make a super easy gluten free gnocchi. And it only contains 3 ingredients!

This gnocchi ended up being so easy to make (but no one else needs to know) and looked so impressive. If you want to feel like a culinary badass, whip these out at your next dinner party. Mangia!



  • 2 sweet potatoes, peeled, boiled, mashed
  • 2 cups AP gluten free flour mix
  • 1-2 tsp. salt


You start by peeling, boiling, and mashing 2 sweet potatoes. I actually just bought 2 of the frozen packages of pre-peeled and pre-diced organic sweet potatoes, boiled them in a pot with about 2″ of water, drained and mashed.

After you mash your potots, add 2 cups of all purpose gluten free flour mix. It is important not to use a single-origin flour like almond or coconut. The AP mix has other binding and rising ingredients added as well.

Add 1-2 tsp. of pink Himalayan salt. This is where you could get creative and add something like thyme or sage as well. I kept it simple so that it could pair well with any sauce.

Mix well until the dough forms a ball.

Divide the dough into 8 sections, rolling each out like a rollie pollie until it gets nice and long and about 1/2″ in diameter. Cut into 1″ pieces. If you want the authentic gnocchi shape, roll the gnocchi along the back of your fork.


At this point you can lightly boil them or fry them in a little EVOO. I was too scared to boil them and have them turn into mush, so I lightly sauteed them in a pan. This cooked them all the way through and they were still soft on the inside.

At this point you could pair them with a pasta sauce of your choice. I made these for our Bachelorette viewing party on Monday night! I am going to serve them with a creamy dairy free mushroom and wine sauce. YUM.

Recipe to come!

Are you going to try these? Let me know how they turn out!


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