Master Bathroom Renovation (Before & After)

Last August we started the remodel on the worst part of our newly purchased home…the master bathroom (the kitchen being a close second). Oh, LORD. I remember our first night in this house last April, after moving in all day, surrounded by boxes, I decided to take a shower in the master bathroom and cried.

The skinny bathtub with a discolored sliding door, the dirty laminate flooring, the broken cabinet drawers and disgusting old flower drawer liners…

It could have been because I had just started my new big kid job as a Nutrition Manager for a residential facility and was trying to make it through my last 2 months of my B.S. degree while also buying our first home. I’m convinced it was the dirty flower drawer liners. Either way, there were tears.

We decided to start by remodeling the master bathroom because it was a more manageable project than the kitchen. Thankfully my dad is an amazing craftsman contractor and has been remodeling homes for years. Now that he’s retired, we have learned to take full advantage of his experience. We gave him a call and got to work ripping out that awful 30 year old bathroom.

(Most of the products and hardware were bought at Lowe’s. We also used HD Supply for the cabinets and a counter top wholesaler for the granite counter top.)

Before photos…brace yourself.



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The project started coming together little by little.

We chose a wood-like tile for the flooring and it added great contrast to the lighter cabinets and counter.

The granite counter is a one-of-a-kind slab with beautiful gray, white, and light blue marbling. The sparkly white flecks are my favorite. We got the slab from a local counter top wholesaler and my dad drilled the necessary holes for the sinks and faucets.

I really wanted the shower to feel spacious and open with a touch of hotel-esque luxury. We got beveled subway tiles to reflect light a little better in such a small space. We also got rid of the old tub and got a wider, bowed tub for soaking.

Before & After:

Reno before and after -2

I love that my dad was able to keep the giant old mirror, totally transforming the space with a custom built rustic wood frame.

The very last thing that I still have to do is painting behind the new light fixtures so the wall matches the new color. But, you know, procrastination.

Reno before and after -3

This tile work was labor intensive, to say the least. Each tile was laid into the pattern individually. They had to be individually fit and cut as well. Lots of trips were taken up and down the stairs to the tile saw. It took about 4 days to complete plus 2 days for the grout and drying process. We won’t mention the hose showers that were taken in the backyard.

The Finished Product:

Master reno 1

Master reno 2

I love this paint color, Steamed Milk, by Sherwin Williams. It is the perfect creamy farmhouse white.

Master reno 11

I bought these cheeky wooden letters off of Etsy as a wedding present for ourselves about 3 years ago.

Master reno 4

Master reno 17

Lights, faucets, sinks, back splash, and hardware from Lowe’s.

Master reno 19

Master reno 18

Master reno 13

Master reno 9

Blue woven rugs from Target.

Master reno 8

Master reno 6

Master reno 16

Shower curtain from Target.

Master reno 14

Shower head from Lowe’s.

Master reno 15

We are so happy with how this project turned out. It looks so much better than the old, grimy bathroom. Now that we are remodeling the kitchen and everything is gutted downstairs, it is relieving to see this gorgeous bathroom and remind myself that all of the awkward, frustrating renovation moments will be totally worth it in the end.

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