Top 5 Kitchen Tools I Can’t Live Without

Hiiiiiiiiii, frans!

Happy Sunday. I’m over here with Purify in my oil diffuser and flax milk latte in hand. Seriously, if you haven’t tried flax milk – do it! It’s thick and creamy with no funky aftertaste…plus, it’s filled with omega 3’s! *Happy dance*

This morning I was making a french press with the last remaining granules of our super smooth Hawaiian coffee blend.  I turned on some Frank Sinatra radio and danced around a little on my tippy toes.

Our kitchen is far from perfect. When we moved in to our first house (YAY ADULTING) last Spring, we knew there would be a lot of house projects to tackle & the kitchen is a big one. Old, inexpensive cabinets, nasty discolored tile, outdated appliances galore. But there’s something sweet and intriguing about our crappy little kitchen – it’s ours! I see it as what it will be and it makes me so happy.

As we save up to start the kitchen reno, I’ve become kind of obsessed with a few kitchen items that we’ve acquired. These are my absolute must-haves to create a functioning, inviting kitchen space (whether you have particle board cabinets or not).

Listed below are the items I use almost daily and have found to be absolutely life changing. Pick one for yourself, one for your bestie, one for your mother-in-law, another for yourself…you know the drill!


1. Google Home Mini


(Buy it here.)

This little guy was a huge surprise. We got one for Christmas and my technology-inefficent brain was like, “What are dis.” Our Google mini plays jazz throughout the kitchen after a stressful day, Frank Sinatra during our at-home date nights, and a little Aerosmith when we fire up the grill. Google can find and walk you through online recipes, order things off Amazon, make grocery lists, and tell you what time it is when you’re running around in the morning like a crazy person, late for work again (I mean this is just hypothetical…)


2. Aicok Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker

french press

(Buy it here).

If you have never had french press coffee, treat yo self and try out this super user friendly little guy. Our Saturday mornings aren’t complete without it. He (yes it’s a he) makes the most flavorful, fresh, coffee-house-shaming cup of brew. Holy coffee. This baby is AMAZING. Double walled stainless steel to keep your coffee hot, sturdy handle, rust resistant, stainless steel scoop measure…*heavy sigh*.


3. Ceramic Food Storage Containers


(Find them here or here).

These are essential in a small kitchen space with minimal storage. They look adorable and Fixer-Upper-ish on the counter and they protect the inside product from air and light with the sealing rubberized lids. We have two in varying sizes and they contain chia seeds and cacao powder. I love having them out and available for quick breakfasts, baking, and smoothies.


4. Ovente Glass Electric Water Kettle

water kettle

(Buy it here).

Tea in minutes? Check. Pasta water in minutes? Check. French press in minutes? Check. Water heater breaks and need hot water for a bath? Che…never mind. I love this electric water kettle. It heats up a ton of water to a boil in just a few minutes. It even has a warm settling and can keep the water warm for as long as you’d like! There are lots of different temperature settings and each one turns the beautiful glass kettle a different color. The stainless steel makes it look chic on the counter but it’s still portable enough to be stowed away easily in the cabinet.


5. Ninja Mega Kitchen System


(Find it here).

I would be lost in the world without the Ninja Kitchen Mega System. For real. We use at least one piece of it daily. The main blender has a ton of power and I love the different settings. We use it both for cold and hot items. The food processor is a total life saver. I use it for everything from sauces to marinades to aioli and homemade nut butter. Absolutely. Essential. Plus, the personal sized blending cups are the best for quick and easy breakfast smoothies on the go. It’s so easy with minimal mess because the blending cup becomes to cup! Just add a straw and go.


What are your must have kitchen essentials?!

Tag a friend and comment your go-to’s below!

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