You’re Not as Broken as You Think You Are


Something has been beating in my chest lately like an unrelenting drum. It circles through my mind and plants deep seeds in my heart. It’s this conviction that makes me defensive towards those who still haven’t seen it. It’s truth:

You’re not as broken as you think you are.

But what about the marriage problems? The past abuse? That eating disorder or that endless struggle? What about the nights spent sleeplessly regretting past mistakes, the broken relationships, the neglect?

Oh sweet one. You’re not as broken as you think you are. I used to be there. On bad days I still walk the sandy shores of Insecurity. I grew up in church and I’m so thankful that I had a sturdy foundation to build my life upon. But the underlying theme of religion is this:

“You’re bad. Try and Be better.”

Religion is the facade of relationship. Religion promises great gains and profits if you can wrangle and tame the inner beast within. Religion is hierarchy, control, and striving. Religion tells you that you are broken so it can prey on your wounds. Religion is missing two things: love and relationship.

I read one of my favorite verses, for the hundredth time, and it finally hit me. “You are altogether beautiful, my darling, there is no flaw in you.” -Song of Solomon 4:7. ‘How can that be? How am I flawless, God? Don’t you see everything? Don’t you see the brokenness?” I asked.

“Love doesn’t see flaws,” he soothed.

Does a groom scoff at his bride and tell her she should be prettier, taller, more whole, or more put together? Would a groom turn the bride around at the end of the aisle and tell her to try again? Never. Love sees no flaws. Love sees you as flawless, regardless of circumstance. Are we focusing on the wrong in us or the right in us?

Love doesn’t want to fix you because you’re broken and unacceptable as you are. Love doesn’t prey on flaws, waiting to cut you off. Love sees you and who you were made to be: loved and acceptable, regardless of insufficiencies. Should we pursue healing and greater fullness? YES. Are we less than because we still have brokenness? NO. You could do nothing from this day forward except breathe, and you would be utterly adored and accepted by Love.

“And you did not receive the ‘spirit of religious duty,’ leading you back into the fear of never being good enough. But you have received the ‘spirit of full acceptance,’ enfolding you into the family of God.” -Romans 8:15 PT

Breathe in love & acceptance.

Breathe out religion.




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