Beach Hair Tutorial

Hi, friends!

I just wanted to update you with my most recent go-to hairstyle. It’s super quick and great for people who don’t understand hair (like moi).

Having short hair has been amazing for convenience plus I actually look like a grown ass adult who has my life together (even though I legitimately found a calcium pill in my Ugg the other day…) I honestly don’t know why this is but people with lobs and bobs just look so polished!

The downside is finding hairstyles that look cute on the daily and don’t take up too much time.


  1. Start by putting a little leave in product on my wet, clean ends and blow dry clean hair until totally dry.
  2. Apply this magical paste to the roots and crown area.
  3. Apply heat protector throughout hair.
  4. Grab a 2″ section of hair and begin 2″ down the hair shaft.
  5. Turn straightener, facing straight down, away from the face, leaving 2″ uncurled section at the ends.
  6. Pick a few pieces that face towards you instead of going away from the face.
  7. Revamp the roots to add more volume and run fingers through the ends for a piecey look.


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